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Commercial Insurance

Unfortunately, no business is free of risks. Whether you run a small to medium-sized company or a large corporation, commercial insurance is a must. Choosing the right business insurance product for your company’s needs can be confusing and time-consuming, especially since there are so many options.


With Rosure at your side, however, you won’t have to spend all your valuable time finding a suitable solution – we have in-depth experience in assisting businesses, of all sizes, in choosing a product that covers them for any risks that their business may hold.


We fully understand that every business has specific requirements, which is why we offer an extensive range of insurance solutions for all small, medium, and large businesses. Our commercial insurance options are also suitable for businesses in the tourism industry, guest houses, leisure and entertainment, and medical or dental practices.

Our range of COMMERCIAL INSURANCE products :

The business insurance providers that we are affiliated with providing comprehensive coverage for the following requirements:


  • Contractors all risk and associated products.

  • Buildings (Combined) – protect your business property against damages and theft.

  • Fire – cover your property in the unfortunate event of a fire and related risks.

  • Business interruption – protect your business’ production from being interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Theft – Insure office contents against loss or damage in the event of forcible or violent entry.

  • Office Contents – cover your office assets and documents in event of a fire and related risks.

  • Money – protection if cash is lost on the premises or in transit.

  • Glass – cover for glass breakage in the office.

  • Goods in transit – protect your belongings while being transported.

  • Business all risk – protect all moveable items that are needed for the running of your business, including work cameras, laptops, etc.

  • Accidental damage – protect your office against events out of your control, like a shelf collapsing and causing damage.

  • Fidelity insurance (theft by employees) – protect your business from theft and fraud by your employees.

  • Public Liability – cover your business against third party claims.

  • Personal accident cover (individuals and employees) – protection if an employee is injured at work.

  • Vehicles – comprehensive insurance options for all business-related vehicles.

  • Electronic equipment – protect all electronic equipment used to run your business.

  • Machinery breakdown – cover against damage or breakage of your machinery.

  • Business interruption (following machinery breakdown) – with this cover, you can continue to keep operating to protect your business.

  • Deterioration of stock – protection against the deterioration of stock, due to refrigeration problems, etc.


To speak to us about your commercial insurance requirements, feel free to contact us either via phone or email.

ROSURE has won the broker of the year award several times! So, if you are looking for a trusted insurance broker to handle your most valuable assets, you have come to the right place.


Feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

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